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At, we have force gauges, test stands, software, attachments and grips from the premier force gauge manufacturers: Chatillon Ametek, Dillon, Lafayette Instrument, Mark-10 and Imada. Hundreds of models available in a range of capacities with a range of features for any force testing application. And, as always, we have the net's lowest prices.
Chatillon Ametek Force Measurement
The number one name in force measurement - the Chatillon line of force gauges, test stands and accessories are the most well-known and trusted in the market. Chatillon provides the right combination of force gauge, test stand and grips for your exacting requirements and applications in the laboratory, on the production floor or out in the field Chatillon Ametek force gauge Chatillon Ametek test stands
Software | Grips & Accessories Chatillon Ametek Force Gauges
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Chatillon Ametek Test Stands
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Dillon Quantrol Force Measurement
Quantrol provides precision force measurement testing systems to quality assurance and design engineering professionals in the manufacturing, packaging and healthcare industries. Dillon force gauge
Dillon Quantrol Force Gauges & Torque Gauges

Imada Force Measurement

Manufactured in Japan since 1947, the Imada line of force testing equipment is the more economical, cost-effective alternative with comparable, if not superior, quality. And most all Imada products can be shipped immediately. Imada force gauges Imada test stands
Software | Grips & Accessories Imada Force Gauges

Imada Test Stands
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Mark-10 Force Testing & Torque Testing Equipment

Mark-10 is a designer and manufacturer of force gauges, torque gauges, test stands and gripping fixtures. Mark-10 products have numerous applications in virtually every industry, including automotive, packaging, pharmaceutical, medical, and more. In a recent survey of force and torque instrument users, Mark-10 has been rated number one versus other major manufacturers in many categories.

Grips & Attachments | Data Collection Software

Mark 10 Digital Force Gauges
Mark-10 Force Gauges

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Mark 10  Test Stands
Mark-10 Test Stands

Lafayette Instruments

Medical force testing products including hand and grips strength testing equipment and muscular strength testing products. Click here. Medical force testing products including hand and grips strength testing equipment and muscular strength testing products
Hoto Instruments

Asker hand durometers / hardness testers for foam, rubber, plastics, sponges and more, test stands, stroboscopes and tachometers. Click here.

Asker Super EX Hand Durometers from Hoto InstrumentsAsker X Hand Durometers / Hardness Testers from Hoto Instruments

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