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Chatillon DFGS Digital Force Gauge

Chatillon >> Force Gauges > Digital Force Gauges

DFGS-Series Chatillon Force Gauge

Chatillon DFGS Digital Force Gauge

Note that the DFGS-series force gauges are replaced by (yet is still completely compatible with) Chatillon's new DFS series force gauges


Digital force gauge with integral load cell

Accuracy: ±0.15% of full scale
Capacity: Several models available with capacities from 8 oz to 100 lb

The DFGS Series features an integral load cell with force measurement accuracy of ±0.15% of full scale ±LSC (Least Significant Character). All models feature RS232 serial data communications and an internal sampling rate of 5000 Hz. Other features include programmable high and low setpoints, pushbutton calibration and an analog output for graphing the force curve. All gauges feature user-selectable force units (oz, lb, g, kg, N). A large, easy-to-read LCD display indicates current and peak values, gauge settings and gauge status. A selectable auto shutoff feature helps to preserve battery life. Gauges come with accessories, battery charger and carrying case.

This gauge is also available with an interchangeable remote load cell (DFGS-R-ND).

Quick Specs:

  • Tare Capacity: 10% of full scale in pound or ounce mode
  • Full Scale Deflection: 0.010"
  • Analog Output: 0 to ±2.0 VDC full scale, accurate to ±0.018 Volt
  • Temperature: 40° to 110°F (5°C to 45°C), Stability: 0.03% per °F
  • Weight: Instrument: 1-1/4 lbs (4 lb shipping weight) 
  • Simple Pushbutton Operation
  • Rugged All-Metal Housing
  • User-selectable Capacities in lb, kg and N
  • 5000Hz Sampling Rate
  • RS232 Serial Data Communications
  • Overload Capacity- 110% of Rated Capacity
  • Hand-held or Test Stand Applications
When interfaced with a Chatillon digital test stand, the DFGS may be programmed to transmit an RS232 signal upon reaching a force set point in order to stop the test stand motor or cycle the stand between force set points.

Standard Accessories:

Stainless steel attachments include a flat head, hook, cone, chisel and extension rod. Gauge, battery charger, attachments, Allen wrench and operation manual are furnished in a cushioned carrying case.


Model Capacity x Graduation Safe Overload* Price
DGGS 8 oz x 0.005 oz 5 lb $1645
250 g x 0.1 g
2.5 N x 0.001 N
DFGS2 2 lb x 0.001 lb 20 lb $1645
1 kg x 0.001 kg
10 N x 0.01 N
DFGS10 10 lb x 0.005 lb 30 lb $1645
5 kg x 0.005 kg
50 N x 0.05 N
DFGS50 50 lb x 0.02 lb 75 lb $1645
25 kg x 0.01 kg
250 N x 0.1 N
DFGS100 100 lb x 0.05 lb 150 lb $1645
50 kg x 0.05 kg
500 N x 0.5 N
*maximum load with no mechanical damage (display blanks at 110% rated capacity )

Recommended Test Stand / Force Gauge Combinations

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