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Imada FB Mechanical Force Gauges
Imada >> Grips & Attachments

Standard Attachments for FB, PS, DPS and AXT Imada force gauges

PS and AXT kits include all attachments.  FB and DPS kits include all except the large hook and Y-hook.  

  • Series A - 20 lbs max
  • Series S - 110 lbs max
  • Series SH - 220 lbs max



Model #s



Standard Attachments for ESH, PSH and DPXH Imada force gauges

PSH and DPXH kits include all attachments. ESH kits include hook, flathead, handles and mounting screw. 

  • Series B - 1100 lbs max
  Type Model #s Price

Knurled Handles
(set of 2)
B7 $115


Other Attachments



Model #s/

Small pin grips

Pin Grip

Ideal for gripping small diameter wires, pins, filaments, etc.

PC-05: 0 - 0.5 mm ($125.00)

PC-1: 0.5 - 1 mm ($125.00)

PC-2: 1 - 2 mm ($125.00)

Fine point grips

Fine Point

Test small to medium gauge wire, components and other pull tests

SC-3: 3 mm, 22 lbs max ($190.00)

SC-8: 8 mm, 35 lbs max ($190.00)

Thin Film Grip

Thin film grip

Use these spring-loaded grips to check the tensile strength of thin film samples up to 2mm thick

FC-20: 20mm jaw ($190.00)

FC-40: 40mm jaw, 110 lbs max ($190.00)

Flat Chuck

Flat Chuck

20mm square serrated face, heavy-duty flat chuck

GC-10: 10mm opening ($185)

GC-20: 20mm ($185) opening heavy duty, 110 lb max

Wedge Grip

Wedge grip

This spring-loaded grip is ideal for tensile measurements of thick materials up to 10mm. 15mm serrated jaw.

KC-100: 220 lb max ($860.00)

KC-5000: 1100 lb max ($1190.00)

Jacob's Chuck

Jacob's chuck

For use with shafts and rods

GC-5: 0.5-5mm, 110 lbs max ($1950.00)

GC-15: 2-13mm 220 lbs max ($190.00)

Wire wrapping grip

Wire wrap 

For measuring the strength of wires, filaments, etc.

GC-30: 110 lbs max ($280)

Vise chuck

Vise chuck


Screw tightened vise is ideal for slip-free attachment to base of test stand. 38mm wide jaw opens to 39mm

WG-100: 110 lbs max ($150)

Tape Grip

Tape grip

Self tightening "buckle type" mechanism ensures slip-free operation

GC-60: 20mm wide ($280)

Universal Joint

Universal joint

Flexible coupling connects measuring shaft and attachment

UJ-10: M10P1.5 shaft, 110  lbs max ($125.00)

Peeling Attachments


Measure the peel force of laminated materials, etc.

PF-1 pull test peeling ($365.00)

PF-2 Push test peeling ($280)

Button Puller


Unique puller adjusts to grip buttons, etc. 6-25 mm

BP-6: 30 lbs max ($360)

Wire Grip-1

Wire grip

The spring loaded 20mm jaw opens to 5mm

WG-1: 220 lbs max ($155)

V-Shape Wire Grip

V-Shape Wire Grip

Large gripping surface for wire up to 6mm and wont harm the wire jacket 63mm wide, 114mm long. WG-200 ($285)

Wire Cam Grip

Wire Cam Grip

Cam action grips quickly and easily up to 6mm. WG-300 ($175)

Tape Grips

Imada Tape Grip

Self-tightening “buckle-type” mechanism ensures slip-free operation.
TG-60 (30mm wide) - $325
TG-100 (50mm wide) - $389

Wire Grip

Imada Wire Grip

220 pound capacity wire grip
WG-2 - $155

Multi Terminal Grip

Imada Multi Terminal Grip

220 pound capacity multi terminal grip
WG-3 - $325.00


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