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Imada MX-110 Motorized Test Stands
Imada>> Test Stands >> Motorized Test Stands

Imada MX-110 motorized vertical test stand

MX-110 without distance meter
MX-110S with distance meter
Maximum load 110 lbf

Imada MX-110 and MX-110S Vertical Motorized Test Stands
Note: "-S" versions come with a Distance Meter
Shipping Weight: 40 lbs
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Optional Lexan Safety Shield, Add $250

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  • One stand for both compression (push) and tension (pull) tests
  • Maximum clearance 9"
    (with extender 14")
  • Maximum load: MX-110: 110 lbs;
  • Jog, Single Cycle, Continuous Cycle, Force Control
  • Combination of screw drive system and high performance brushless motor provides extremely smooth and powerful operation over the entire speed range.
  • Wide speed range: 0.4 – 11.5 in/min (optional speed ranges available)
  • Force Controlled operation with Imada DPZ force gauges


The Imada MX-110 or MX-275 test stands offer consistent and reliable testing. The combination of screw system and state-of-the-art brushless motor provides extremely smooth and powerful operation over the entire speed range.

Connect the Imada MX-110 test stand with an Imada DPZ force gauge and enable force controlled testing. Force control can automatically stop testing when the force value reaches the high setpoint programmed on the DPZ force gauge, or maintain the force between the DPZ High and Low setpoints. Force control is ideal for fatigue or non-destructive testing.

Imada Lexan ShieldThe Imada MX-110 accepts any of the standard range Imada force gauges. Quick switch and Emergency Stop features are also included.

Optional Lexan Safety Shield

  • 1/4" unbreakable lexan
  • Helps protect personnel from injury by containing debris during testing
  • Allows access to the control panel

The Lexan safety shield offers protection to the operators of motorized test stands. Access to the test stand controls is still available through the front of the shield. Made of 1/4" lexan, it is virtually unbreakable and will contain the debris from destructive testing. Helps to prevent accidental injuries. Fits all Imada motorized vertical test stands. Dimensions 16.5" x 15.75" x 31.5"


Imada MX-110 vertical test stand diagram

Imada MX-110 diagram


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